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Is there an option similar to Bash's HISTIGNORE to dump some useless lines from the command history (let's say :wq or :help.*)?

If not, I reckon a simple DIY way would be to parse manually the .viminfo file with a regex predicate. Is there a specific VIM linking that could sync the parsing with a change in the .viminfo file ?

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You may like the command-line window, q:. –  romainl Jun 26 '13 at 5:02
:help c_Up: you can also ignore unwanted entries in your history nicely. :cnoremap <C-p> <Up>. –  ernix Jun 26 '13 at 22:18

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Unfortunately, answer is No. But if you allow put H into your typing commands, it maybe possible. How about this?


let g:histignore = '^buf:^history'
function! s:h(commandline)
  call histdel(':', '^H\s')
  let oldhist=&history
    if len(filter(split(g:histignore, ':'), 'a:commandline =~ v:val')) == 0
      call histadd(':', a:commandline)
    set history=0
    exe a:commandline
    echohl ErrorMsg | echomsg v:exception | echohl None
    let &history=oldhist
    unlet oldhist
command! -nargs=+ H call s:h(<q-args>)

Put into this file as your ~/.vim/plugin/h.vim

:H buffers

This is not stored in :history, But

:H ls

This will be stored.

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