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I'm trying to copy boost::variant 2D vector into array<T,N>. using the instruction copy(vectorName.begin(), extentName); . First I get error because the vector type is variant which is understandable. However, after I have changed the vector type to string, I get an error that this type is not supported in restricted amp. The following snippet is the targeted code:

    const int x = 100;
    const int y = 100;

    concurrency::extent<2> eA(x,y), eB(x,y), eC(x,y);
    concurrency::array<string, 2> mA(eA), mB(eB), mC(eC);

    copy(masterList[0].begin(), mA);
    copy(masterList[1].begin(), mB);
    copy(masterList[2].begin(), mC);


vector<vector<vector<boost::variant<string, float>>>> masterList;

Is there any way to handle strings in C++-AMP ?

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So, what is the question? Also, what does this have to do with OpenGL, OpenCL and OpenMP? – svick Jun 26 '13 at 8:56
@svick updated. thanks – Hawk Jun 26 '13 at 11:48
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The error message is correct C++ AMP does not support string or chars unfortunately. The smallest data type supported is int. There are tricks/techniques to get around this limitation they involve making the chars bigger into ints.

There is a good article about how to do this here: C++ AMP: It's got character, but no char! and another here with source code String search sample with C++ AMP.

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Thanks svick, it's very helpful – Hawk Aug 22 '13 at 9:45

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