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I ran some JavaScript code that hung the browser while working on a Facebook application. I rolled back the offensive code, cleared the cache, but now Chrome blocks JavaScript. Chrome places an icon with a red X beside the bookmark star and gives the message "JavaScript was blocked on this page".

I clicked the exception icon and tried to "Manage JavaScript Blocking" and add "apps.facebook.com" to the exception list, but that does not work. Also selecting "Allow JavaScript on apps.facebook.com" radio and clicking done does not work either.

I searched Google for an answer but nothing turned up. I also ran the application in Chrome on another computer and it works fine.

http://www.factionscript.com/JavaScriptBlockedinChrome.png http://www.factionscript.com/AllowJSExceptions.png

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Have you tried using jQuery? –  Cole Johnson Jun 26 '13 at 3:09
More people should be experiencing this issue, as its for programmers testing JavaScript in Chrome. I get the same issue in jsfiddle.net that was also blocked by Chrome. I understand this issue is not a programming question directly. –  truthreveller Jun 26 '13 at 12:44