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I have a question about generating sequence diagram from Java source code. when I googled I saw someone told to use visual paradigm, but it does not generate sequence diagram for me. some steps in my VP are different from manual. the manual says to choose method but my VP does not allow to select method in a special class. Reverse Engineering Sequence Diagram from Java Source Code Does anyone have a new idea to generate sequence diagram from Java source code?

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Are you sure you want to obey your strange VP which does not allow to select method? What is the starting point then? –  Alexei Kaigorodov Jun 26 '13 at 7:02
only choose the class !!! –  NGS Jun 26 '13 at 7:51

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If you are using or wish to use the Eclipse IDE then you can install the ObjectAid UML plugin that can reverse engineer from:

  • Java Stack Trace Console
  • Java Stack Frames from Debug View
  • Methods Call from Call Hierarchy View

and MUCH more.

See http://www.objectaid.com/sequence-diagram

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I used Umlgraph which is free see http://www.umlgraph.org/

But I mostly use it to generate class diagram in Javadoc.

To generate sequence diagram, you have to write many lines in your source file.

See http://www.umlgraph.org/doc/dns.html.

You will have to install Graphviz to make it work.

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UML-VP could generate sequence diagrams, pretty well. Based on your description, I feel you chose the package directory for presenting the source files to the tool. I have faced similar problem. The solution is to choose the "src" folder above the package folder, and then you can see some pretty nice diagrams flying out. Good Luck.

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try this tool, This tool helps you to create the Java source code to Sequence and class diagram, including the execution time of each flow.

follow the steps as given in the documentation


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There are many products that can generate sequence diagrams from Java source code. Unfortunately, all of the good ones cost a lot of money.

If you are using the community edition of Visual Paradigm, it does not allow you to generate any diagrams. You must upgrade to one of the paid versions.

You can compare the paid vs the free edition here

You need to buy standard edition of Visual Paradigm that support Code engineering.

Check out some of these links for alternative programs which also can generate diagrams / source code.

Posiden UML http://www.gentleware.com

Argo UML http://argouml.tigris.org

Other Resources

How can I generate sequence diagrams from Java source code?

Sequence Diagram Reverse Engineering


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