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I want to change my splash screen when my program update its database. everything is fine until I change OnLunch event handler. I must use async keyword based on some conditions.

protected override async void OnLaunched(LaunchActivatedEventArgs args)
     bool IsAppUpdated = await CheckDbVersion();
        if (args.PreviousExecutionState != ApplicationExecutionState.Running)
            bool loadState = (args.PreviousExecutionState == ApplicationExecutionState.Terminated);
            SplashScreenExtend extendedSplash = new SplashScreenExtend(args.SplashScreen, loadState);
            Window.Current.Content = extendedSplash;
        bool fine = await ReconstructDatabase();
       //doing sth else


the problem is when I run the program the new splash-screen doesn't appear. but when I debug the code the splash-screen appears. in addition, when I remove async keyword and await functions every becomes ok.

please advice me where is my mistake.

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Okay, so what is happening here is this: The OnLaunched event is completing before the splash screen has a chance to load, because it is async void. This means that the method that calls OnLaunched fires, then just continues without waiting for a response. In Debug, the speed that calling method passes over OnLaunched is likely delayed due to the debugger having to load the symbols for all of the modules, making it successfully change the splash screen before you get a chance to see it. Unfortunately, you can't change it to what it needs to be, async Task, because that would a) change the signature of the method so it won't be overridden and b) the calling method likely still does not await it, so the same issue will occur.

What this means for you is: You can't await methods in OnLaunched. This means that either a) you will have to do the proper awaiting in your SplashScreenExtend class or run the CheckDbVersion and ReconstructDatabase methods synchronously (unless you can 'set-and-forget' ReconstructDatabase, in which case you can still run it async, but you just can't await it).

Hope this helps and happy coding.

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