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I have done with facebook integration But by adding complete library to my application it was using lot of memory
For this I want to take necessary file only But I'm unsuccesful for attempting this. Can i have faacebook integration without adding complete library? Is there are any tutorials for this? though i have searched i didn't found it. Hope my question is clear.

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The official Facebook Android sdk is huge and complicated.

I recommend you use this sdk instead:


It's just 480Kb. I am not affiliated with those guys.

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Please follow the following tutor FacebookExample and you can also download source code with a small FacbookSdk library from this link Saurabh-12 github Hope this will help you Thanks

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If you just want to share message you can use Share Intent.

But if you want whole lot of functionality like getting profile , contacts , albums, uploading photos , then you need to use sdk.

Secondly the available solution for facebook integration

  1. facebook sdk
  2. socialauth-android sdk

are lightweight and will not consume much memory.


This may help you. You need to check facebook package name com.facebook.katana

Android and Facebook share intent

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shareintent can i have examples on it –  Ramya Jun 26 '13 at 6:04

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