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I am trying to implement zero copy approach in my client progrm where I will recieve a large amount of data from server.Here is my client program: //Client.h

#ifndef CLIENT_H
#define CLIENT_H

#include <QtNetwork/QTcpSocket>
#include <QObject>
#include <QString>

class Client: public QObject
  Client(QObject* parent = 0);
  void start(QString address, quint16 port);
public slots:
  void startTransfer();
  QTcpSocket client;

#endif // CLIENT_H


#include "client.h"
#include <QtNetwork/QHostAddress>

Client::Client(QObject* parent): QObject(parent)
  connect(&client, SIGNAL(connected()),
    this, SLOT(startTransfer()));


void Client::start(QString address, quint16 port)
  QHostAddress addr(address);
  client.connectToHost(addr, port);

void Client::startTransfer()
    virtual QByteArray client::readanydata();


readanydata() should be replaced by any other API,as read() and readall() use memory copy they are not suitable for zero copy approach.client is instance of QTcpsocket.what should I use here.any suggestion,as I am not getting any API or should I write my own function.If I have to write my own function how will it call transmitfile() api.

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Qt does not implement a zero copy at this point. You'll need to write your own implementation specific to the operating system you're working on. – RobbieE Jun 26 '13 at 6:54
@RobbieE: thanks for reply,I have to write a platform independent function,so what should I do? – Satya Kumar Jun 26 '13 at 6:58

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