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I'm using new Google map in my android application. I have different floors in my building. I need to get current floor.

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Please provide more information, what have you tried? And can you show some code? –  23tux Jan 5 at 9:13

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A while ago you asked... today I found a solution. First of all, you need the latest google-play-services_lib (v4.4). In Eclipse, update Play Services via the SDK Manager and follow the Setup. Then you need to implement the OnIndoorStateChangeListener in your activity. Don't forget to to set your activity as listener to your GoogleMap. E.g:

public class YourActivity implements OnIndoorStateChangeListener {

   protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

   public void onIndoorLevelActivated(IndoorBuilding indoorBuilding) {
      List<IndoorLevel> levels = indoorBuilding.getLevels();
      for (IndoorLevel indoorLevel : levels) {

When you have a building with indoor information on your map you receive a IndoorBuilding object via callback. From this IndoorBuilding you can get a list of IndoorLevels and inside the IndoorLevel you find a few getters.

When you call indoorBuilding.getActiveLevelIndex(), GoogleMaps counts from the roof to the basement - the same direction you iterate over the IndoorLevel list. This means, that you could find the maximum level index six feet under.

Hope, this helps!

UPDATE: I found a better solution...

IndoorBuilding yourBuilding = yourGoogleMap.getFocusedBuilding();
List<IndoorLevel> levels = yourBuilding.getLevels();
String name = levels.get(yourBuilding.getActiveLevelIndex()).getName();
String shortName = levels.get(yourBuilding.getActiveLevelIndex()).getShortName();
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