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I am using capistrano to deploy a rails application. To set up email using sendgrid I need to setup environment variables.

I have used

set :default_environment, { 'SENDGRID_USERNAME' => "username", 'SENDGRID_PASSWORD' => 'password', }

checking with

cap shell
cap > printenv

I can see the environment variables being set correctly.

However the app running through unicorn cannot see these variables, as the sending of email fails with SMTP authentication error.

I have also tried to source a file containing the exports using capistrano

run . app/shared/config/env

But environment variables are still not set

The development environment works fine, so I know the smtp credentials are ok.

How to set environment variables correctly so that the app can see them?

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I don't know how to do it using capistrano, but you can try figaro gem:


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