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I want to create a software: - Input as a video stream H264 ( from another software) - Output as a webcam for my friends can watch in skype, yahoo, or something like that. I knows I need to create directshow filter to do that, but I dont know what type filter I must to create. And when I have a filter, I dont know how to import it to my application? I need a example or a tutorial, please help me

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You should start here : Writing DirectShow Filters or here : Introduction to DirectShow Filter Development

I assume you already have Windows SDK for such develpment, if not check this

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You need to create a virtual video source/camera filter. There have been a dozen of questions like this on SO, so I will just link to some of them:

Windows SDK has PushSource sample which shows how to generate video off a filter. VCam sample you can find online shows what it takes to make a virtual device from video source.

See also: How to implement a "source filter" for splitting camera video based on Vivek's vcam?.

NOTE: Latest versions of Skype are picky as for video devices and ignore virtual devices for no apparent reason.

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thanks for your help –  Gacom111haaa Jun 26 '13 at 8:26
Thanks for your help, I have built PushSource, and reg it, I can see it in GraptEdit, now how to show it in list webcam of skype? –  Gacom111haaa Jun 26 '13 at 8:49

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