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How can I detect that an iframe on my page starts to load a new page?

Our situation is:

  • When iFrame content starts to change we need to display a "loading" animation and hide the search-box.
  • I know how to handle the "iframe has finished to load" event (to hide the animation) but not how to catch the initial "starting to change" event...

Note: I can attach jquery "click" hook to the links on the menu, which will work. However, inside the iframe content there are many cross-reference links, and the "change" event also applies for them! So we need to catch event when user clicks on a link inside the iframe or when the iframe src is changed via javascript - because we also want to show the loading-animation and hide the search-box.

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Maybe this can help: stackoverflow.com/a/4010296/1427878 –  CBroe Jun 26 '13 at 8:39

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I came up with following solution - which is only possible because we control the content of the iframe content and the host-window

Inside the iframe we add following script to the page footer (all pages use the same template, so this is a change to a single file)

window.onunload = function() {
    // Notify top window of the unload event
    window.top.postMessage('iframe_change', '*');

Inside the host-window we add this script to monitor the iframe state

function init_content_monitor() {
    var content = jQuery('.iframe');

    // The user did navigate away from the currently displayed iframe page. Show an animation
    var content_start_loading = function content_start_loading() {
        alert ('NOW: show the animation');

    // the iframe is done loading a new page. Hide the animation again
    var content_finished_loading = function content_start_loading() {
        alert ('DONE: hide the animation');

    // Listen to messages sent from the content iframe
    var receiveMessage = function receiveMessage(e){
        var url = window.location.href,
            url_parts = url.split("/"),
            allowed = url_parts[0] + "//" + url_parts[2];

        // Only react to messages from same domain as current document
        if (e.origin !== allowed) return;
        // Handle the message
        switch (e.data) {
            case 'iframe_change': content_start_loading(); break;
    window.addEventListener("message", receiveMessage, false);

    // This will be triggered when the iframe is completely loaded
    content.on('load', content_finished_loading);
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Awesome solution! ;) –  Joanes Apr 8 at 13:31

Try like this and to check with interval.

  function checkFrame() {
       var iframe = document.frames['ID_OF_IFRAME'];

        if(iframe == null) alert('Frame not found');
        else {
            if(iframe.document == null)
                alert('Frame exists, but page has not yet loaded');
                alert('Frame exists, and page is loaded!');

See this discussion also.

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This will be triggered, when the iframe is FINISHED loading. I need to also add a hook when the iframe STARTS to load new page... –  Philipp Jun 26 '13 at 8:36

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