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sympy does not find the two real roots of this rather straightforward equation:

import sympy
x = Symbol('x')
solve(-2*x**2*exp(1 - x**2) + exp(1 - x**2),x)

Returns "[oo]"

Is this a bug or is my command ill formed ?



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What version of sympy are you using? It seems to work in 0.7.2. Offtopic: this can be solved easily on paper (just cancel exp). –  Krastanov Jun 26 '13 at 9:38
Thanks a lot for the helpful answer. I am using sympy indirectly via the R package rSymPy, which migth be using a Version below 0.7.2. I will attempt to upgrade then. Yes, this problem is easily done by hand but I am trying to automate the Generation of homework problems. –  Markus Loecher Jun 27 '13 at 14:16

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It seems to work fine for me, so perhaps you just need to upgrade?

>>> from sympy import Symbol, solve, exp
>>> x = Symbol('x')
>>> solve(-2*x**2*exp(1 - x**2) + exp(1 - x**2),x)
[-sqrt(2)/2, sqrt(2)/2]
>>> sympy.__version__
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