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I have a resource route

resources :favorites

But I w'd like to have a request as


How can I limit a using only name, date, number words in request?

I have tried

resources :favorites, :constraints => {:sort_by => /name|date|number/}

but it doesn't work.

Thanks in advance.

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i used /(name)|(date)|(number)/ –  StupidDev Mar 17 at 2:49

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Route constraint doesn't tested against query strings.

Create custom route on sort_by, and make it part of the route. Or constraint it in the controller.

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In routes.rb place the following code

resources :favorites do
 member do
   get :sort_by, constraints: {id: /name|date|number/}

it will generate

sort_by_favorite GET    /favorites/:id/sort_by(.:format)                  favorites#sort_by {:id=>/name|date|number/}

in "/favorites/:id/sort_by" URL, in place of :id you can pass 'name' or 'date' or 'number'. But I guess, it is not that you want.

So, if you want the following URLS


Then you have to write some condition in the index action of the Favorites controller.

def index
 if ['name', 'date', 'number'].include?(params['sort_by'])
  # your code goes here
  # redirect to some where with error message

Hope it will work for you :)

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