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Thats makes me crazy.
I am calling details page from primary page, using, javascript - window.open("4prod.html?pkd="+idd,'_self', false); that open in the same window page with product details. When this details page has been opened there is a button "back", again in javascript -onclick="history.go(-1); return false;.

In FF works great, it means, that on "back" button from details page, the primary page appears with state as I left it, but in Chrome and IE "back" button reload primary page and all entries (inputs, color changes etc. which users have made) have gone and new - refreshed page is displayed. How I can avoid reloading in Chrome nad IE just call of cached primary page ?

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This answer says it's impossible without cookies if the URL changes. Is it possible to just have the form in one <div>, then hide it (and show the details in another <div>), then when the back button is clicked, just reverse this? If anything, (once the page has loaded the JS) the execution would be faster.

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