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How can I call a MySQL procedure in where clause?

In the example demo is a table name get_name() is a function and 1 is a parameter (id) .

select * from demo where name = (select name from call get_name(1))
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What does get_name return? Shouldn't it just be select * from demo where name = get_name(1) – GolezTrol Jun 26 '13 at 10:10

You should use a function instead of a procedure. A procedure returns a (one or multiple) result sets (tables), whereas a function returns a single value.

You should think twice before using functions in where-clause, if they contain select clauses from the database, as it may lead into situation where the query optimizer unable to optimize the query path resulting serialized queries and poor performance. If the data amount is small or you are ok with the possible performance hit, this would work.

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