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I wish to integrate Elastic Search for my existing mysql database.So I want to index the dB.How shall I do this ? I didn’t get sufficient help from google.please help me

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Can you provide some additional detail on what you've tried, what didn't work, why it didn't work, etc? When I Google "mysql to elasticsearch" I get scores of quality information. –  Matthew Boynes Jun 26 '13 at 15:48
@MatthewBoynes: I followed this tutorial github.com/jprante/elasticsearch-river-jdbc/wiki/Quickstart and at last im getting following error: "error" : "IndexMissingException[[jdbc] missing]", "status" : 404 –  Puneeth P Jun 27 '13 at 6:44

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If you're still stuck on this:

Are you sure you executed the 3rd step of the QuickStart ?

./bin/plugin --url http://bit.ly/10FJhEd -install river-jdbc

It installs the jdbc-river plugin and creates the jdbc index, which should fix the encountered error:

"error" : "IndexMissingException[[jdbc] missing]", "status" : 404
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