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I came across an nice encryption module ezPyCrypto for python's PyCrypto module. In the description it says that the user can specify between RSA and ElGamal encryption, but I can't figure out where I'm supposed to specify this in the code (API here).

Has anyone else managed this or have any experience with ezPyCytpo? Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Here's the description I was talking about:


  1. ezPyCrypto lets you:
    • Generate, export and import public and private keys
    • Encrypt and decrypt strings with ease
    • Optionally create encrypted data as email-friendly text
    • Sign and verify strings (incl. documents)
    • Protect your private key with a passphrase
    • Create 'streams', for sending data through secured sockets
    • Choose any public key size you like (2048-bit recommended)
    • Choose between RSA and ElGamal for public key, and IDEA, DES3, Blowfish, ARC4, IDEA for session key
    • Rest in the comfort of security, with 256-bit session keys and defences against common RSA and ElGamal attacks, which will painfully frustrate anyone seeking to violate your privacy.
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If the documentation is any indication, it looks like the library is not complete. –  jww Jan 10 at 12:39
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