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My system contains four jars. One jar contains Mixedcode(applet called from javascript). The jar containing the mixed code accesses other jars also. I added the attribute Trusted-Library : true and Permissions: all-permissions in manifest.mf(I'm using Java7 update25) of the jar containing the mixed code. All the jars are self-signed. Now the problem is I'm still getting the mixed code warning, which Oracle introduced in Java 7 update21.

Should i add the attributes in manifest.mf file of other jars also ?

My observations are:

After adding Trusted-Library : true and Permissions: all-permissions in all jars(doesn't matter whether they are signed or unsigned) it works fine. All the jars are loaded.

But why do i need to add these particular attributes in all the jars(Some of jars are third party jars)? According to definition of Mixedcode and usage of the attribute Trusted-Library: true it should allow other jars once it is updated in Manifest.mf file of jar containing the applet.

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