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I am trying for thread programming perl in a following way:

Description: The current perl script needs to call another subroutine exists in the another perl module(.pm file) using thread method.

Case1: general way of callign subroutine using threads is like

my $t= Thread->new(\&process, @args);

where process is the subroutine exists in the same perl file.

Case2: calling the subroutine which exists in a different perl module

my $t= Thread->new(\&$anotherfile->another_process, @args);

where another_process exists in the different perl module and not in the same perl file.

Question is that Case2 is not working for me. I am not able pass any arguments to this thread. Can any one helpme to solve this issue?

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First you should use or require package from another file, and point to it's methods via package. Your Thread is old and deprecated thread model; which perl version are you using? – Сухой27 Jun 26 '13 at 13:40

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because case 2 give to thread reference of return from method another_process on varibale anotherfile...

try used closure:

    sub {
        return $anotherfile->another_process(@_);
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