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I'm curious that is there any way to call @FXML variables in not only Controller Class but also in another classes. Well actually i'm dealing with SVGPath nodes and trying to implement various kind graphs. However i dont wanna write the whole code in only Controller Class. I will appreciate if you can help and also give clear answers. So thanks anyway :)

EDIT: let me introduce a simple example about my issue.

Controller class code section;

public class RiskControllerClass implements Initializable {

   @FXML private SVGPath NA_1; // Alaska
   @FXML private SVGPath NA_2; // NorthWest_Ter

Territory class which refers to a vertex in a graph

public class Territory {

    public Territory(SVGPath nodeSVG, int territoryID, int playerID){

        this.playerID = playerID;
        this.territoryID = territoryID;
        this.nodeSVG = nodeSVG;
        this.label = nodeSVG.getId();
        this.adjacencyList = new LinkedList<>();
        this.edgeSet = new LinkedList<>();

so i want to implement my graph another class than Controller class something like GameBoard

public class GameBoard  {

    // Want to call @FXML instance variables here

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There is no other way than to access your controller and call methods from it. There is no magical way an @FXML annotation makes private variables globally available. @FXML is only used to mark certain fields for the FXMLLoader so he can access them via reflection in the instantiation process of your FXML - nothing else.

Refere to this questions on how to access the controller:

Accessing FXML controller class

JavaFX: How to get stage from controller during initialization?

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thanks for clear post :) –  quartaela Jun 26 '13 at 21:48
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