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I am trying to make a call to my webservice from iOS device when user presses GO on touch keyboard. I want a loading indicator to be shown while it talks to the webservice.

I am using lambda expression for delegate type UITextFieldCondition.

    LoginField.ShouldReturn = async textField => { 
        await LoginAsync();
        return textField.ResignFirstResponder();

The compiler shows me the following error:

Cannot convert async lambda expression to delegate type `MonoTouch.UIKit.UITextFieldCondition'

The code works if I do it synchronously:

    LoginField.ShouldReturn = textField => { 
        return textField.ResignFirstResponder();

Is there a way of doing it?

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Basically, there is no way to do that. The signature of UITextFieldCondition means that your delegate has to synchronously return the result.

I think you need to change the way you handle this. Maybe something like:

LoginField.ShouldReturn = textField =>
    LoginAsync().ContinueWith(t => /* react to t.Result manually here */);
    return false;
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