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How can I upsert data into mongodb collection with java-driver?

I try (with empty collection):

db.getCollection(collection).update(new BasicDBObject("_id", "12"), dbobject, true, false);

But document was created with _id == ObjectID(...). Not with "12" value.

This code (js) add document with _id = "12" as expected

   { _id:12},
     $set: {b:1}
   { upsert: true }


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You cannot set _id if dbobject is just a document and does not contain an update operator eg: $set, $setOnInsert.

Just passing a document will replace the whole document meaning it doesn't set an _id a falls back to ObjectId

So your example works if you use an update operator eg:

    new BasicDBObject("_id", "12"), 
    new BasicDBObject("$set", new BasicDBObject("Hi", "world")), true, false)
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