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I am using Zend Frameworks Validation feature and am having trouble getting the Regex validator to work.

    'name' => 'Regex',
    'options' => array(
        'pattern' => '[0-9a-zA-Z\s\'\.;\-]+',
            'messages' => array(
            \Zend\Validator\Regex::INVALID_CHARACTERS => "Invalid characters in address"

I have various strings that need to accept letters, numbers, spaces and various characters, and I am using the code above for the various fields.

I've been reading framework.zend.com which doesn't give much detail.

My question is: Am I doing it correctly? Is this how to use regex validator with Zend? Any better examples of this floating around the web?

Thanks guys...

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Replace your pattern with:

'pattern' => '/[0-9a-zA-Z\s\'.;-]+/'


A regex pattern must be delimited. Here i have choosen / as delimiter, but you can use #, ~, @, |, `, ...

You don't have to escape special character as ., $, |, inside a character class. ; is not a special character and doesn't need to be escaped inside or outside a character class.

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