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0/1 can be flexible and can add options such as "2, 3, 4" in the future.

Does TINYINT in MySQL take up more space than boolean?

Personally, I use 0 and 1 for everything.

You can answer this question in the context of regular programming (or MySQL, whichever you like).

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The context is MySQL? –  user113476 Nov 13 '09 at 21:12
Wait, if you basically want 0/1 to act as a boolean, what additional options could there possibly be? FileNotFound? thedailywtf.com/Articles/What_Is_Truth_0x3f_.aspx –  Brandon Nov 13 '09 at 21:13

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Any good database system worth its salt will convert boolean to and from something appropriate for the database, and using an actual boolean type makes programming against it much nicer.

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Boolean is more portable across different databases (e.g. PostgreSQL). Tinyint is more flexible, can be upgraded to something Enum-like.

The final choice should be yours. But anywhere except SQL I would definitely recommend explicit Booleans/Enums over "magic numbers", for clarity and type safety.

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When I am absolutely sure that I will need true/false for a value, I will use the boolean type in my code. For other cases, often starting with 0/1 is convenient because 0 can act as a return code for success and any other positive or negative integers can define various error conditions.

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If you're making a true/false decision in any language, if your language supports boolean, use it.

Using 0/1 to support the "extra numbers" probably means your field is not a decision, and may be or become multiple choices.

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