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I want to send two names and a number to a server by using a dojo command. I just know the dojo request command but i only want to send data and not to receive some. How can i do that with dojo?

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But you do this with dojo request ...

The callback functions for success or error are completely optional !

Look at this snippet - assuming you required dojo/request as "request":

var serverUrl = 'echo.php';
var forServer = {
    data: { 'say' : 'HELLO WORLD' },
    method: "POST"

request.post(serverUrl, forServer);

That means, your echo.php will receive 'say' in the POST variables with the value "HELLO WORLD" ...

    echo $_POST['say'];

If you send arrays or objects to the server, you should use JSON (see the docs for dojo request ...)

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There is also this nice tutorial: dojo request –  Sebastian Lasse Jun 26 '13 at 13:34

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