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I'm currently creating a game with corona sdk. While creating game i faced issues in playing audio files. Issue was that, a tennis ball is dropped on ground and audio should be played. But what happen was the audio was delayed a second. On emulator the audio was synchronized but while i ported apk on my galaxy s2, android version 4.2.2 i faced a delay. Below is the code which i used to play audio.

I loaded audio file first as program executed:

local audio = audio.loadSound("hit ball.mp3")

Then somewhere in middle I used collision and on collision I played that audio file:

local function onCollisionSound()

ball:addEventListener("collision", onCollisionSound)

I also tried with media api but it also didnt worked.

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did you try deploying in on higher end phones? – DevfaR Jun 26 '13 at 13:19

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This may be an issue with OpenAL. All audio.* methods are based on OpenAL which is not natively supported by the Android NDK (which supports OpenSL ES instead). The solution to make it work is still a bit buggy and may introduced a delay with some Android versions/devices :

(Directly from the Corona SDK documentation of

NOTE: A known issue with Android causes sound to be delayed by 1 to 2 seconds when started.

You may try to use the deprecated media.* API instead which doesn't use OpenAL, this may resolve your problem.

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Thanks for the reply. I used media api but now i feel a pause in game while it plays sound. Example, like if ball has to touch the ground, before it could touch the ground, it hangs and then touches the ground but audio is synchronized. – Kamran Jul 4 '13 at 16:00

Generally with Android 4.1 and later, the audio.* API calls shouldn't be lagging. Google fixed the bug in the 4.1 release, but on older versions, it could still be a problem. However, that doesn't mean the device maker hasn't done some things that hurt sound performance. When exact timing is required, we do recommend using media.* API calls.

Also, please make sure your sound clip doesn't have any delays at the beginning.

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