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I am trying to find a specific class object added as Subview to a UIView, but i could not find anything.

Can anyone help me please.

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for(UIView *aView in yourView.subviews){
     if([aView isKindOfClass:[YourClass class]]){
       //YourClass found!!
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This doesn't solve when there are several same type Views, like UILabel in the subviews. try to add tag on the view, and use viewWithTag to access the subview later. –  NOUX Sep 8 at 12:33
The answer is to the question asked. –  Ishank Dubey Sep 8 at 13:19

for example if you are finding an object of type UILabel class than it is shown as below.

for (UIView *subView in [weeklyViewA subviews]) {
            if ([subView isKindOfClass:[UILabel class]]) {
                NSLog(@"label class :: %@", [subView description]);
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