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How can I remove/hide menu header from the popup modal dialog from url?

var iframe = $('<iframe frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" allowfullscreen id="frameIdcustomer"></iframe>');
        var dialog = $("<div></div>").append(iframe).appendTo("body").dialog({
            autoOpen: false,
            modal: true,
            resizable: false,
            width: "auto",
            height: "auto",               
            close: function () {
                iframe.attr("src", "");
        $("#btn_newCustomer").on("click", function AddCust(e) {
            var src = "../MasterPages/CustomerMaster.aspx";
            var title = "Customer Master";
            var width = "980";
            var height = "530";
                width: +width,
                height: +height,
                src: src
            dialog.dialog("option", "title", title).dialog("open");

I tried $("menuheader").hide() but it's not working.

$("#frameIdcustomer").contents().find("#menuheaderr").hide(); is also not working.

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If you type $("#frameIdcustomer").contents().find("#menuheaderr").hide(); in your developer console after it's opened does it work? –  Jeremy Gallant Jun 26 '13 at 12:41
yes it s working after it's opened i debug and if i write the same code so how can i do befre showing the window ? –  dfgv Jun 26 '13 at 12:52
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Try this:

var iframe = $('<iframe frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" allowfullscreen id="frameIdcustomer" onload="hideMenu()"></iframe>');

    function hideMenu(){

To find element you need to wait until iframe contents is loaded.

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onload="hideMenu()" its working perfectly thanks –  dfgv Jun 26 '13 at 13:28
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The iFrame might still be loading when you call the line to hide the header. Try placing that line in a callback function instead.

var dialog = $("<div></div>").append(iframe).appendTo("body").dialog({
    autoOpen: false,
    complete: function() { $("#frameIdcustomer").contents().find("#menuheaderr").hide(); }
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i tried complete: function() { alert(hi"); } not working ? i am using update panel in my aspx page –  dfgv Jun 26 '13 at 13:16
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