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I want to "alter" headers which are set on controllers.Assets.at.

  • I want to add a custom tag (I am able to do this by withHeaders as explained here)
  • I want to delete a tag which is set previously. Such as Etag

Since .withHeaders appends or overwrites an existing header, I am not able to delete with it. For Cookies there is discardingCookies but I am not able to see a similar one for headers.

And since header: ResponseHeader is a val in PlainResult I can't change its value directly.

How can I delete an already set tag in Play Framework 2.x Scala?

Code sample for what I am trying to do:

def at(file: String): Action[AnyContent] = CacheForever(Assets.at(assetDistDirectory, file))

def CacheForever[A](action: Action[A]): Action[A] = Action(action.parser) { request =>
  action(request) match {
    case s: SimpleResult[_] => {
        "mycustomheader" -> "is_set_here"
      // <--- I need something like the above line.
    case result => result
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You could use an implementation of withHeaders with a little correction:

val without = Seq("Etag","AnotherTagSetByAssetsAtButIDontWant")
implicit val writeable: Writeable[A] = s.writeable
s.copy(header = s.header.copy(headers = s.header.headers -- without) )

With an implicit class:

implicit class SimpleResultHelper[A](val r: SimpleResult[A]) extends AnyVal {
  def withOutHeaders(without: String*): SimpleResult[A] = {
    import r.writeable
    r.copy(header = r.header.copy(headers = r.header.headers -- without ))


val newS = s.withOutHeaders("Etag", "AnotherTagSetByAssetsAtButIDontWant")

SimpleResult is a case class and there is method copy in all case classes.

Field header is an instance of case class ResponseHeader with a field headers of type Map[String, String].

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I tried withHeader with a little correction approach but I get Cannot write an instance of A to HTTP response. Try to define a Writeable[A] compilation error and trying to figure it out now. Thanks. –  Umut Benzer Jun 26 '13 at 13:07
@UmutBenzer: Please add exact code you have tried. If it's possible try version with an implicit class. –  senia Jun 26 '13 at 13:12
@UmutBenzer: I cant check my code now, so it could be better if you try to replace withHeaders with withOutHeaders when you know that withHeaders works. –  senia Jun 26 '13 at 13:16
@seina When I add the implicit class into my code, I also get the same compile error. This time from r.copy line. Even without using withOutHeaders anywhere on my code, I doesn't compile. –  Umut Benzer Jun 26 '13 at 13:25
@UmutBenzer: try to add implicit val writeable: Writeable[A] = r.writeable or import r.writeable. See update. –  senia Jun 26 '13 at 13:42

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