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A webpage(.aspx) which has a button along with onclick event which was working as expected. But, I'd like to access a div tag (status) at javascript method when I click asp button (btnValidate). My aim is hide/visible div based on the action happened inside code behind event.

How can I do this?

/** My Button Control Definition **/

<div style="top:0px;margin-top:0px;">
<asp:Button ID="btnValidate" runat="server" Text="Renew" 
CssClass="SubmitButton" onclick="btnValidate_Click"  />                     

/** Div status needs to be accessed in javascript when click asp.net button **/

<div id="status">
  <!-- Some control goes here for status -->

/** Button code Behind event **/

protected void btnValidate_Click ( object sender, EventArgs e )
  /** Some code goes here **/
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Either add runat="server" attribute to your div so it's accessible from code behind or put it inside <asp:PlaceHolder> and change visibility of it.

You don't need to use javascript to do this.

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You can use registerstartupscript to run javascript from the codebehind


for example:

protected void btnValidate_Click ( object sender, EventArgs e )
     ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(Page, Page.GetType(), "uniqueKey", "FunctionCall();", true);
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One way would be to add runat="server" and id="[YourDivId]" in your div code. Then place the div and the button in a common update panel.

The you use the div as an asp control in c# (ex: this.YourDivId.Visible = false;)

(There are other ways too.)

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