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When I run rake test on version 10.0.4 I get big unneeded stack traces. According to some searching, upgrading to rake 10.1.0 fixes the issue. I tried installing rake 10.1.0 but my system is still executing 10.0.4 when I rake test. I tried to get rid of it; this is what happens.

$ gem list | grep rake:
    rake (10.1.0, 10.0.4)

$ gem uninstall rake -v=10.0.4
    INFO:  gem "rake" is not installed

$ rake -V
    rake, version 10.0.4

Other vitals: OS X 10.8.4, JRuby 1.7.4, Rails 3.2.13

How can I get 10.0.4 off my system, and why doesn't gem uninstall see it?

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Use bundle exec rake, which will use the rake version specified in your gem file as this can change from project to project.

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Thanks, that enabled me to run 10.1.0 once I specified that in my Gemfile - do you have any suggestions as to why 10.0.4 was/is still hanging around? –  asfallows Jun 26 '13 at 14:27

Use gem list -d rake to see full paths to gems, most likely the 10.0.4 rake is installed in @global gemset, use:

rvm @global do gem uninstall rake -ax
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This one helped me solve a long time problem of mine on trying to uninstall what seems to be an "uninstallable rake gem"! Thanks! –  mcometa Jan 9 '14 at 6:36

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