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I am new to ruby on rails environment. I migrated my database to heroku along with the data using seeds.rb. in heroku server running TableName.all populates all data present in heroku postgres. when i try to run command like


i get error

Column TableName.Category does not exist.

i tried changin columns but didn't worked. please let me know what is going wrong here.

Thanks in advance


On my dev server it is working fine. there are no issues on dev site. i am using SQLite on DEv site


Here is the Sequel text from:

  #rails console
    SELECT "recalls".* From "recalls"
    =>[#<Recall id:1, Category: "******",......>]
SELECT DISTINCT(Category) From recalls
=>[#<Recall Category: "Foods">,#<Recall Category: "Consumer Products">]

    #heroku run console
    SELECT "recalls".* From "recalls"
    =><Recall id:1, Category: "******",......>

Recall Load <2.5ms> SELECT DISTINCT(Category) FROM "recalls" 
PGError: ERROR: column "category" does not exist
LINE 1:SELECT DISTINCT(Category) FROM "recalls" 
:SELECT DISTINCT(Category) FROM "recalls" 
ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: PGError: ERROR: column "category" does not exist
LINE 1:SELECT DISTINCT(Category) FROM "recalls" 
:SELECT DISTINCT(Category) FROM "recalls" 
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Please show the full text of the SQL that's getting run. You can get it from your Rails logs. –  Craig Ringer Jun 26 '13 at 23:30

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It seems you haven't set up the database tables correctly on Heroku. Did you do something like run heroku run db:migrate?

Why don't you investigate? Have you tried heroku pg:psql? See here.

Also, you really shouldn't be using SQLite - it's not the same database - and SQL is not standard across databases. You'll run into a really subtle database bug at some point.

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I found the answer. it was escape sequence issue. here is how i fixed that


with reference to this question Rails and Heroku PGError: column does not exist

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