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With datagridview.Columns("PricePerUnit")
    .ValueType = Type.GetType("System.Decimal")
    .DefaultCellStyle.Format = "C"
End With

A datatable is bound to the datagridview and in the above code a If I just add row with a value five to the column "PricePerUnit" it will be shown as $5.00 in the datagridview column

Similarly I want to show up something like If I just add row with a value five to the column "DiscountPercentage"

it should show as 5.00%

I need a string value to assign to DefaultCellStyle.Format to achieve this.

If I use DefaultCellStyle.Format="P" it automatically multiplies that to 100 and so for a input of 5 it shows as 500.00% instead of 5.00%

Any ideas?


dtb Helped me do this (thanks to him)

number.ToString("0.00\%") gets the decimal number along with 2 decimal integers

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It seems you need a Custom Numeric Format String here.

In C#:

12m.ToString("0\\%");  // returns "12%"

So this should do the trick:

pricePerUnitColumn.DefaultCellStyle.Format = "0\\%";
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trust me you are nothing short of a genius it worked well and I used for also showing 2 decimals after that like this Number.ToString("0.00\%") –  Ramji Nov 13 '09 at 22:46

Why not just add the value .05 instead of 5? Or is that not an option?

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datagrid view is used for display only, database is updated only from the values from datatable –  Ramji Nov 13 '09 at 22:36

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