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Has anyone been successful using Amazon Redshift as a source or destination ODBC component in SQL Server Data Tools 2012?

I've installed the PostgreSQL drivers provided by Amazon and have successfully tested a connection in the Windows ODBC driver administrator but keep running into arcane error messages when I choose my saved DSN and try to pull a table listing.

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Redshift is based on quite an old version of Postgres (8.0). Postgres has changed quite a bit since then and the Postgres tools have changed with it. When downloading any tools to use with Redshift you will probably need to use previous versions from several years ago.

The table listing problem is particularly annoying but I have yet to find a version of psql that can properly list Redshift tables. As an alternative you can use the INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables to find this kind of info, and in my opinion this is what SSIS/SSDT should be doing by default.

I would not expect SSIS to be able to load data into Redshift reliably, i.e. create a Redshift destination. This is because Redshift does not really support INSERT INTO as a way to load data. If you use INSERT INTO you will only be able to load ~10 rows per second. Redshift can only load data quickly from S3 or DynamoDB using the COPY command.

It's a similar story for all other ETL tools I've tried, notably the open source tools Pentaho PDI (aka Kettle) and Talend Open Studio. This is particularly annoying in Talend's case as they have Redshift components but they actually try to use INSERT INTO for loading. Even Amazon's own ETL tool Data Pipeline does not yet have support for Redshift as 'node'.

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Amazon has recently released new ODBC driver for Redshift. Try to use this new driver see it solves your error.

New ODBC connection string format is

Driver={Amazon Redshift (x64)}; Server=examplecluster.abc123xyz789.us-west-2.redshift.amazonaws.com; Database=dev; UID=masteruser; PWD=insert_your_master_user_password_here; Port=5439

Also check this tutorial it shows how to load data into Redshift using 3rd party SSIS Task

UPDATE (March 29, 2016) : I tried to use above ODBC driver to insert data into Redshift but it did not work at all so ZappySys Redshift Data Transfer Task was the only way to load data for me.

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I have been successful. Try installing both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the PostgreSQL ODBC drivers.

Also, in your Project Properties under 'Configuration Properties' > 'Debugging', set 'Run64BitRuntime' to False.

You can also try specifying the connection string in Connection Manager. For example: Driver={PostgreSQL ANSI}; server=redshiftdb.d113klxjd4ac.us-west-2.redshift.amazonaws.com;uid=;database=;port=5432

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