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I would love to get a definitive answer or a glossary that defines the data returned from the Facebook ads api adcampaignstats. Specifically the difference between the actions and inline_actions. Below is the result for a dark post, and I like to know what the "link_click" metric in actions and inline_actions actually counts. i.e. Does this tell me that in total the campaign had 342 links clicked, or does "link_click" in "actions" and "inline_actions" indicate something else?

act_{ad_account_id}/adcampaignstats?campaign_ids=[123456] { "is_completed": false, "social_unique_clicks": 0, "topline_id": 0, "unique_impressions": 0, "start_time": null, "campaign_id": 123456, "actions": { "offsite_conversion.registration": 14, "post_like": 2, "like": 5, "photo_view": 1, "link_click": 180 }, "clicks": 301, "inline_actions": { "comment": 0, "video_play": 0, "title_clicks": 0, "like": 10, "rsvp_maybe": 0, "post_like": 13, "photo_view": 0, "rsvp_yes": 0, "link_click": 162, "question_vote": 0 }, }

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Link clicks relate to page post ads that contain a link and is the action of the user clicking off site via the link.

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