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I have a MySQL table which looks like this:

id  load_transit    load_standby
1   40              20
2   30              15        
3   50              10

I need to do the following calculations:

load_transit_mean = (40+30+50)/3 = 40
load_standby_mean = (20+15+10)/3 = 15
total_mean = (40+15)/2 = 27.5

Is it possible to do this in a single query? What would the best design be?

I need my answer to be scalable (the real design has more rows and columns), and able to handle some rows containing NULL.

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I believe this would do it:

SELECT AVG(Load_transit)
     , AVG(load_standby)
     , (AVG(Load_transit) + AVG(load_standby))/2.0
FROM table

The AVG() function handles NULL's in that it ignores them, if you want the NULL row to be counted in your denominator you can replace AVG() with SUM() over COUNT(*), ie:


Regarding scalability, manually listing them out like above is probably the simplest solution.

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