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When calculating a golf handicap differential you are supposed to truncate the answer to 1 decimal place without rounding. No idea why but...

I know how to do this using TRUNCATE() in mySQL

 SELECT TRUNCATE( 2.365, 1 );
// outputs 2.3

but I was wondering if sprintf() could do this? The only way I know to work with decimal places in a float is ...

echo sprintf("%.1f", 2.365);
// outputs 2.4
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What language is this in? Assuming it's C or one of its derivatives, and assuming you always want exactly one decimal place, and assuming your values are always non-negative, you can do this:

float val = 12.3456;
val = floor(val*10.0)/10.0;
sprintf("%.1f", val);

Is there a better way? Probably. This is just what comes to mind.

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Thanks! Works for me in PHP! –  jerrygarciuh Nov 13 '09 at 23:56
In PHP $val = 12.3456; $val = floor($val,1); $val = sprintf("%.1f",$val); –  Timo Huovinen May 8 '13 at 11:48

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