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I've been reading through a lot of the Jabbr code to learn Nancy and trying to implement many of the same patterns in my own application. One of the things I can't seem to get working is the concept of an on application start class. The Jabbr code base has an App_Start folder with a Startup.cs file (here) in it with the following implementation.

public partial class Startup
    public void Configuration(IAppBuilder app)

        SetupNancy(kernel, app);


private static void SetupNancy(IKernel kernel, IAppBuilder app)
    var bootstrapper = new JabbRNinjectNancyBootstrapper(kernel);

When I tried to do something similar to that in my project the Startup.cs file was just ignored. I searched the Jabbr code base to see if it was used anywhere but I wasn't able to find anything and the only differences I could see is Jabbr uses Ninject while I wanted to use AutoFac

Is there a way to register a startup class in nancy?

Take a look at my project over on GitHub, you'll be interested in the Spike branch and may have to unload the ChainLink.Web project to run I can't remember.

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You should install the Nancy.Bootstrappers.Autofac nuget, inherit from the AutofacNancyBootstrapper type and override the appropriate method (depending on your lifetime scope requirements: application or request). For more info check the readme file https://github.com/nancyfx/nancy.bootstrappers.autofac


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Yes I've seen that but don't I have to pass in a ILifetimeScope to my custom bootstrapper and use GetApplicationContainer() to register my own types? I can't seem to builder.RegisterType<MongoDbRepository>().As<IChainLinkRepository>(); inside of the protected override void ConfigureApplicationContainer(ILifetimeScope existingContainer) { }. –  Chad Wilkin Jun 27 '13 at 11:04

I had some trouble finding a way to configure the ILifetimeScope even after reading the accepted answer here by TheCodeJunkie. Here's how you do the actual configuration:

In the bootstrapper class derived from the AutofacNancyBootstrapper, to actually configure the request container, you update the ILifetimeScope's component registry.

protected override void ConfigureRequestContainer(
    ILifetimeScope container, NancyContext context)
    var builder = new ContainerBuilder();

The application container can be updated similarly in the ConfigureApplicationContainer override.

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Works. This should be added to the Github page of Nancy.Bootstrappers.Autofac! –  theDmi Dec 16 at 6:45

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