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I have an XML response from server (SOAP) and I'm getting multiple values in it. XPath extracts all the values and stores them internally like Match_1, Match_2, Match_3, etc. But I can't access them neither via BSF Post Processor nor via JavaScript code pasted in XML. It just refuses to return values then I address to them like this: ${Match_1}.


Response returns multiple contentGroupID values.
Debug Sampler reveals them:

  • contentGroupID=67
  • contentGroupID_1=67
  • contentGroupID_2=50
  • contentGroupID_3=38
  • contentGroupID_4=54
  • contentGroupID_5=46

We need to use each of these values in the next single request, so we add a code inside XML in place where we need those values to sit:

(myOutput =''; var names = {};
for (var i = 1; i <= ${contentGroupID_matchNr}; i++) 
{names[i] = "${contentGroupID_" + i + "}";}
for (var j = 1; j <= ${contentGroupID_matchNr}; j++) 
{myOutput = 
myOutput + '<ns8:forContentGroupId><ns2:id>' + names[j] + '</ns2:id></ns8:forContentGroupId>';},

Here we place the part of XML with values <ns8:forContentGroupId><ns2:id>' + ids + '</ns2:id></ns8:forContentGroupId> as many times as matches were found by XPath.

But the magic does not happen. The request is sent as follows:


The same happens in case I set BSF Post Processor with JavaScript code and add a variable in XML.

The question is: how the hell can one access those magical values?

P.S. Everything works great then I use ForEach Controller. But the trick is I need to make single request with all the values, not multiple requests one after another.

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Found the solution here:

BSF Post Processor witch JavaScript code:

var myOutput = '';
var names = {};
var str;
var value = 0;
var match = vars.get("contentGroupID_matchNr");
for (var i = 1; i <= match; i++) 
var n = i.toString();
str = 'contentGroupID_' + n;
value = vars.get(str);
names[i] = value;

for (var j = 1; j <= match; j++) {
myOutput = myOutput +  '<ns8:forContentGroupId><ns2:id>' + names[j] + '</ns2:id></ns8:forContentGroupId>';
vars.put("array", myOutput);

Plus ${array} variable inside XML.

End of story! =)

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