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I´ve got a problem... I´ve got a file where the content looks like

IMPORT ("$(#T_Company-BAG)\KSAKTE13","06141030.eou")
IMPORT ("$(#T_Company-Gesmbh)\KSAKTE13","06141032.eou")
IMPORT ("$(#T_Company-ITALIA)\KSAKTE13","06141038.eou")
IMPORT ("$(#T_Company-ITALIA)\KSAKTE13","06141045.eou")
IMPORT ("$(#T_Company-ITALIA)\RWRECH13","06141512.eou")

The thing i want to do is to extract the file name (*.eou) which is inside the last quotes and only the file names which line contains the string T_Company-ITALIA...

The first part, extracting all lines containing the search pattern isn´t so difficult...

gc -Path C:\Scripts\Easyarchiv\level2.ebt | Select-String -Pattern T_Company-ITALIA

But i don´t know how to get only the file names (*.eou) out of the already selected lines...

Now I´m searching for a regex which can extract this

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Here's an option without using Select-String:

Get-Content file.txt | 
where {$_ -match 'T_Company-ITALIA'} | 
foreach { $_ -replace '^.+,"(.+)"\).*$','$1'}
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Hi Shay... thank you for your post –  Mirco Lueneburg Jun 26 '13 at 20:08
Hi Shay... thank you for your post... With this code I´m getting the lines I need... Do you also know the solution to my second part of my post?!? I need to extract the file name(06141038.eou) which is included in each line... It´s an 8-digit name with .eou file extension.. So i´m able to write these file names to a file or use it in a variable for further processing –  Mirco Lueneburg Jun 26 '13 at 20:21
You should get the file names with the example I posted. 06141038.eou, 06141045.eou and 06141512.eou –  Shay Levy Jun 26 '13 at 20:45
Unfortunately not... I´m getting the complete lines –  Mirco Lueneburg Jun 26 '13 at 20:51
PS F:\scripts\Easyarchiv> Get-Content file.txt | where {$_ -match 'T_Company-ITALIA'} | foreach { $_ -replace '^.+,"(.+) ").+$','$1'} IMPORT ("$(#T_Company-ITALIA)\KSAKTE13","06141038.eou") IMPORT ("$(#T_Company-ITALIA)\KSAKTE13","06141045.eou") IMPORT ("$(#T_Company-ITALIA)\RWRECH13","06141512.eou") –  Mirco Lueneburg Jun 26 '13 at 20:55

Try this instead of Select-String:

... | ? { $_ -match 'T_Company-ITALIA.*?,"(.*?)"' } | % { $matches[1] }
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If you wanted to stay away from regular expressions (which can be hard to read, debug, and understand) you could do this:

gc file.txt | 
  foreach { 
    $splitArray = $_ -split '"'; # split at the quotation marks
    if ($splitArray[1] -match "T_Company-ITALIA") 
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