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Is there any way to save\load Interrupt Descriptor Table on x64 Vista SP2 (AMD64) without Blue Screen? Here is my code in MASM that makes Blue Screen:

IDTINFO struct
    word idtLimit       ?
    dword lowIDTBase    ?
    dword highIDTBase   ?

getInterruptDescriptorTable proto :DWORD

    getInterruptDescriptorTable PROC idtInfo_arg:DWORD
        local idtInfo_locl :IDTINFO

        sidt idtInfo_locl
        lea eax, idtInfo_locl
        push [eax]
        mov eax, idtInfo_arg
        pop [eax]
    getInterruptDescriptorTable endp

Well, I'm new at Assembly language, so there can be some obvious mistakes.

EDIT This is how prototype in .h file looks like:

extern void getInterruptDescriptorTable(IDTINFO*);

Here, call in .c file:

IDTINFO idtInfo = {0};

IDTINFO structure in C:

typedef struct
    unsigned short idtLimit;
    unsigned int lowIDTBase;
    unsigned int highIDTBase;
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also, shouldn't there be a 'ret' at the end of the procedure? –  PhiS Jun 28 '13 at 6:48

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x64 systems are protected by patch guard mechanism. You can`t path idt without bsod: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kernel_Patch_Protection

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More than likely it's an issue with declaring idtInfo_arg as a DWORD - because you're in 64-bit mode, you will need to change these to QWORD, and use rax instead of eax.

Could you perhaps post the code which calls your function?

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