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I'm attempting to create a very simple parallax effect when the user scrolls a UIScrollView. I'm using the scrollViewDidScroll method on my scrollview, thats all working. I can log an everything from that method so I know it is being fired off when the UIScrollView is scrolled. The issue is any changes I attempt to make to the contents of UIScrollView fails. Possibly a rendering issue? Does a UIScrollView not re-render its contents during scrolling?

I have tried changing the UIImageView(imageView)'s frame and center point, nothing is working. Any ideas on what might be going on, I'm not getting any sort of errors or anything.

-(void)scrollViewDidScroll:(UIScrollView *)body {

    float y = body.contentOffset.y; = CGPointMake(imageView.bounds.size.width/2, (imageView.bounds.size.height/2) - y/2);

    // Tried this as well
    //[imageView setFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, imageView.bounds.size.width, imageView.bounds.size.height + (y * 2))];

    NSLog(@"We are scrolling...");

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Figured it out, I actually needed to grab the instance of the ImageView within the ScrollView using. Anyone else trying to figure this out, I did it a little hacky but it works.

/* Paralax Scrolling */
-(void)scrollViewDidScroll:(UIScrollView *)body {

    float y = body.contentOffset.y;

    // When adding (body) image view to scroll view I assigned a tag of 100 to it.
    [body viewWithTag:100].center = CGPointMake([body viewWithTag:100].bounds.size.width/2, ([body viewWithTag:100].bounds.size.height/2) + y/2);

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awesome man... cool!!! – Nits007ak Jun 4 at 4:53

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