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I have a rpg program that contains a routine that updates a db2 table.

I have declared a local var in the program


If <condition>
    %nullind(myvar) = *on

it complains that the field is not capable of null.

I use this variable in an SQL update statement

 SET X=:myvar

how can I set X to null?

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Does the table allow NULLs? Have you told the RPGLE program to allow NULLs? –  Benny Hill Jun 26 '13 at 18:54

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Internally defined fields are not null capable but you can use an externally described data structure to import the table definitions and enable nulls for database fields.


D TABLE         E DS                  EXTNAME(TABLE) QUALIFIED

    if <condition>;
        %nullind(table.x) = *on;

    exec sql update table
        set x = :table.x
        where <condition>;
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