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Basically I have a bunch of IMG tags wrapped in a bunch of divs, and some javascript to make them do rollovers. The page functions beautifully in IE and in Firefox, but Safari gives:

"TypeError: Result of expression 'ImageNavigateForum' [undefined] is not an object."

Where ImageNavigateForum is the ID tag of the 'img'. (a simmelar error occurs when rolling over any 'img' on the page.)

Neccisarry code follows:

<div id="NavigateForum" onmouseover="'visible'" onmouseout="'hidden'">
<a href="">
	<img id="ImageNavigateForum" src="images\NavigateForum.jpg" class="hidden" alt="" />

there is a matching #NavigateForum entry in style.css

Somone knows the answer to this! Thankyou mysterious internet coders! Shoe

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onmouseover="ImageNavigateForum (…)

should be

onmouseover="document.getElementById('ImageNavigateForum') (…)

I don't even know why yours works on FX and IE.

Edit: Same goes with other places where you want to get a reference to an element by it's id (like the onmouseout)

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In IE <.. id="foo" ..>.. will place a property foo on the global object, Safari and Firefox both ostensibly mimick this behaviour now, maybe Safari doesn't do it for images? – olliej Nov 14 '09 at 2:14
Ah, I was wondering if that was an extra "feature" to make ids more like names – Jeffrey Aylesworth Nov 14 '09 at 2:29

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