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The format of a control sequence is ~F.P.PadModC. If F, P, or Pad is *, the next argument in Data is used as the numeric value of F or P.

Where can I find some example of io:format with control sequence with parameters?

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Its hard to find with a google search at least. Erlang docs describes it all but its hard to find code examples. '' around the output are used for representing spaces.

>io:format("'~*s'", [10, "test"]). % right align space padded
>'      test'
>io:format("'~*s'", [-10, "test"]). % left align space padded
>'test      '
>io:format("'~*B'", [10, 99]). % space padded right aligned integer
>'        99'
>io:format("'~*B'~n", [-10, 88]). % space padded left aligned integer
>'88        '
>io:format("'~*.*f'~n", [-10,5,77.1234]). % left aligned space padded float with precision
>'77.12340  '

Hope this helps someone like me. Wish to see more hard to find example added to this post.

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