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According to its feature list "Quartz can run as a stand-alone program (within its own Java Virtual Machine), to be used via RMI".

I could not find any documentation how to start it in stand-alone mode, however.

"java -jar quartz.jar" does not do anything (there is not even a Main-Class specified in its mainfest).

All the examples in the distribution use Quartz as an embedded library.

So how does this work?

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The class you're looking for (e.g. the one with main() method starting the RMI server) is org.quartz.impl.QuartzServer.

I'll be honest, though, I've never quite understood the benefit of using it this way.

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That class also installs an RMISecurityManager, so you specify a -Djava.security.policy=policyfilename. Without this, it defaults to allowing nothing and the app crashes on start when trying to read system properties. –  Thilo Nov 15 '09 at 13:21

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