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    cust_id acct_id trxn_amt    trxn_cnt
 1  66685638    10,028,717,398  199.75  5
 2  66685638    10,028,849,377  76.16   2

Say I have a table of customers with multiple account IDs and I want to create a new column for that's the summation of all of the transaction amounts for each customer (199.75+76.16 for cust_id=66685638) as well as another column thats the % of total spend for each account (for first account its 199.75/(76.15+199.75)). Each customer may have anywhere from 2-4 acct_ids.

Thanks so much.

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what about:

select cust_id, 
       sum(trxn_amt) as total_amount,
       trxn_amt / sum(trxn_amt) as pct
from customers
group by cust_id
order by cust_id;

or if you want to see each individual row from the customers table:

select cust_id, 
       sum(trxn_amt) as over (partition by cust_id) as total_amount,
       trxn_amt / sum(trxn_amt) as over (partition by cust_id) as pct
from customers
order by cust_id;
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