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Using matplotlib, it seems the only time to set the sharex or sharey axis parameters are during sub_plot creation (add_subplot(), subplot(), subplots()). For an axes class there are methods for getting axis sharing (get_shared_x_axes(), get_shared_y_axes()), but no corresponding methods for setting sharing. Maybe this is an API oversight, or perhaps it did not fit architecturally.

Is there a way to change the shared axis parameter?

For those that ask why: I'm using a matrix of plots dynamically, and can control this using view limits, but it just seems like there could be an easier way, and turning sharing on/off and using autoscale would be it.


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The answer is that the way shared axes are set up is to share some of the internal state of the two axes. It is a tad tricky to get right and the code to do it on-the-fly (both linking and unlinking) doesn't exist in the library yet.

See this PR for work on-going work on un-linking axes. Help testing and developing this feature would be appreciated.

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