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textarea { width: 500px; line-height: 32px; overflow: auto; height:32px; }

I cannot figure out how to force a y-axis scrollbar on the text area in Firefox. It works fine with Chrome.

In Firefox, the scrollbar doesn't appear until it is a certain height.

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You want to see the scrollbar even when the text is not long enough to be scrollable? – Chris Mukherjee Jun 26 '13 at 20:38
It is scrollable. it wraps too lines. Compare firefox with chrome and you will see chrome shows a scrollbar, firefox does not until the thing is at least 75px high. – chovy Jun 26 '13 at 21:09
I made the textarea smaller and now it's scrollable for me. It's scrollable on both Chrome and Firefox for me (I'm on a Mac, dunno if that might change something). The problem that I see (which might be your problem) is that Firefox doesn't show the scrollbar with a size that small, though it is scrollable if you use your mousewheel/trackpad. – Chris Mukherjee Jun 26 '13 at 21:17
Perhaps Firefox has some built in setting to only show a scrollbar when the size is greater than or equal to 75px? – Chris Mukherjee Jun 26 '13 at 21:19
Yes. it appears so. – chovy Jun 26 '13 at 22:54
overflow-y: scroll;

I believe that's what you're looking for.

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Does not produce a shows what LOOKS like a scrollbar...but it is not scrollable until you adjust the height to make it a few lines high. – chovy Jun 26 '13 at 20:19

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