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I've been trying to upload an asset using the shopify_api gem. I made sure I have the appropriate OAuth2 scope (write_themes), and I have no problem reading and even destroying them. The problem is that I get a 404 error when attempting to create or update an asset.

Here's the request the gem is creating:

PUT: /admin/themes/3650318/assets.json [{"Content-Type"=>"application/json", "User-Agent"=>"ShopifyAPI/3.0.3 ActiveResource/4.0.0.beta1 Ruby/2.0.0", "X-Shopify-Access-Token"=>"ommitted"}] ({"key":"templates/index.liquid","attachment":"base64 attachment omitted"})

For reference, here is the code I've used to make the request (wrapped in a ShopifyAPI::Session, of course):

ShopifyAPI::Asset.create(key: 'snippets/test.liquid', attachment: some_base64_data, theme_id: 3650318)


asset = 'snippets/test.liquid', attachment: baset64_data, theme_id: 3650318)

Any ideas?

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This works for me...

To upload to the published theme (no theme id is given)

a =
a.key = "assets/google.png"
a.src = ""


ShopifyAPI::Asset.create(key: 'assets/google.png', src: "")

To upload to a specific theme

a =
a.key = "assets/google.png"
a.src = ""
a.prefix_options[:theme_id] = "6731537"


ShopifyAPI::Asset.create(key: 'assets/google.png', src: "", theme_id: 6731537)
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